Recent Trends in Hand Block Print Saree You Should Know About

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Block prints represent a cultural and social trend. The art of block printing is one of the oldest crafts in existence. Over the years, block printing has gained attention in academic discourse due to its primacy in printing. Globally, this oldest method of printing originated in Asia. In addition to its beautiful imperfections, the exquisite patterns reveal the craftsmanship, patience, and precision that is put into creating such authentic fabric art. Each piece of clothing created from these stunning hand-block prints is a pleasure to wear. Hand block printing is a process of printing patterns, by hand, on textiles such as cotton, linen, and silk, using wooden blocks. It is a slow, tedious process, but it yields artistic results.

Now, let us walk through the recent trends that one should know about hand block sarees:

1) Modern & Traditional Fusion:

Nowadays, hand-block printed sarees are available in various fusion styles that scream chic while also keeping you connected to your roots. The trend of traditional silhouettes with contemporary prints has become a popular trend, spotted on celebrities and tinsel town divas.

2) Keep it Minimal:

Minimalism is the hottest trend in clothing this season. Don't go overboard when recreating your style with a hand-block printed saree. When choosing colored hand-block printed sarees ensure the colors match or invest in an equivalent color palette. The latest chic trend for summer is to keep it simple with prints and not overdo it with accessories.

3) Indigo Prints:

Indigo hand block print is a popular print found on various sarees. Adding drama to various styles and patterns, Indigo blue is rich, dark, and full of depth. In addition to providing a dark atmosphere, it can impart a colourful and vibrant look as well. The versatility of colour has made it a viable option for designers and stylists.

4) Experiment with Designs, Colours & Silhouettes:

Hand-block printed sarees are now available in various chic and playful colors, which are just right for winter & summer. Recently, pastels and neon have also been a big hit. There are also some exciting colors on the market to try, such as mustard yellows, pastel yellows, teal blues, pale pinks, and peaches.

5) Types of Prints:

Different types of hand-block prints are available, but the most popular ones from Indian regions are Sanganeri print, Bagru print, Batik print, Ikat print, Dabu print, Kalamkari print, Ajrakh print.

6) Florals:

Floral prints are arguably refreshing, and their vibrant colors and bold patterns enhance the hallucinogenic experience. Globally, retro-inspired prints and abstract floral prints have made their way to the front lines of fashion trends.


Every aspect of hand block printing involves sustainable practices that both respect and celebrate the planet. Therefore, block-printed fabrics are nothing short of art that speak of their uniqueness while promoting sustainability. Over the generations, the hand-block printing technique has evolved, but its original method remains intact, lending authenticity to every product. This clothing design cannot be replicated by machines because it is uniquely imperfect and clearly reflects the human touch.

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